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Articles - OBC Reservations
SC verdict on seats makes sense - V. Krishna Ananth
The court has tried to keep the balance - P.P. Rao
It's a landmark - Pratap Bhanu Mehta
Is 49% of India poor? - Bibet Debroy
SC ruling throws up many questions - E. Eshwar Anand
The Supreme Court has opened a pandora's box - Rajinder Puri
Quota not the solution to the problem - Devi Cherian
OBCs join study quota - Poonam I Kaushish
Exclusive inclusions - Meghnad Desai
Let's talk out the reservations - Nandita Patel
Creamy layer muddle - B.G. Vergese
Creamy layer exclusion is right - Rajinder Sachar
The skimming of the creamy layer - Dipankar Gupta
OBC quotas: Creamy layer and all that - Nitish Sengupta
The Supreme Court's stunning decision - Indira Jaising
Congress unable to get mileage from quota - Neerja Chowdhury
Affirmative action is not votebank oriented - Jayanthi Natarajan
Seats of new learning - Editorial, The Telegraph
Quota to stay, not in perpetuity, though - Editorial, The Tribune
Not the last word - Editorial, Deccan Chronicle
Not by quotas alone - Editorial, The Indian Express
Myth of caste division - P.V. Indiresan
Looking backward - Dipankar Gupta
Get under society's skin - Gail Omvedt
The sterile 27 percent debate - Tavleen Singh
Without quota, every caste would be a forward caste - M.R. Venkatesh
Interim stay on 27% reservations for OBCs (Copy of judgement) - The Supreme Court of India
Populism is irreversible - Swapan Dasgupta
Ruthless merit - A glimpse of the hazy contours of a brave, new India - Swapan Dasgupta
Target practice - Dipankar Gupta
An inconvenient truth - Barkha Dutt
OBC data without base - Arvind P. Datar
OBC's simply the average Indian - Sunil Jain
Centuries of discrimination - Reality or myth - Sajeen Nayyar
Laws must satisfy constitutional principles - P.V. Indiresan
How Harward promotes equality - P.V. Indiresan
Let them have scholarships - Pratab Bhanu Mehta
Deadly enemies of merit and excellence - I - V. Sundaram
Deadly enemies of merit and excellence - II - V. Sundaram
Deadly enemies of merit and excellence - III - V. Sundaram
Deadly enemies of merit and excellence - IV - V. Sundaram
Keeping the creamy layer out - V. Krishna Ananth
An elitist manifesto - Nilotpal Basu
Education is the key to social emancipation - M.M. Khan
Why quarrel over affirmative action - Jaideep Mishra
Leveling the playing field - Padma Ramachandran
A ruling and an opportunity - Anita Joshua
Sinister suggestion: Say no to caste census - Editorial, The Pioneer
Caste quota aside - Editorial, DNA Daily News & Analysis
Stoking the reservation fires - Editorial, The Hindu
Caste counts - Editorial, The Times of India
Quota crisis - Editorial, Deccan Chronicle
Setback to quotas - Editorial, The Tribune
Parties must restrain their cadres - Editorial, The Tribune
No one is fighting licence raj in education - Editorial, The New Indian Express
Think again - Editorial, The Telegraph

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