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Social Cause Invitation to Seminar on "Communal Violence Bill - Threat to National Integration & Social Harmony?"
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Articles - Maoist Menace
Maoists are enemies of Tribal people - M.V. Kamath
Sympathizers are no less guilty - Amulya Ganguli
Groping in the face of the Maoist - P R Dubhashi
Coercion or development-II - P R Dubhashi
Maoists build a big army in Bastar - The Tribune
Pranab on a post-Lalgarh mission - Editorial, The Statesman
'Police can tackle Naxal violence' - Vishwa Ranjan, DGP, Chhattisgarh
Andhra's proposal to take the fight against Naxals across the borders - Editorial, The Indian Express
'Surrender policies' for Naxalites are unlikely to work - Uttam Sengupta
Force should be met with force - Swapan Dasgupta
Maoist Problem: How to handle it effectively? - Gen. V.P. Malik (retd)
Stop dithering and act with precision - JP Rajkhowa
No dialogue possible with Naxalites - Tavleen Singh
No military solutions for Maoism - Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar
Recognising the Maoist threat - Sudheendra Kulkarni
Army against Maoists: The inherent risk of dual shame - MG Devasahayam
Blissfully ignorant politicians - Priyadarsi Dutta
Missing the woods, the trees - Mani Shankar Aiyar
Bogus activists must shut up - Meera Mishra
Many such groups are a Maoist front - KPS Gill
Activist PUDR Rights groups always condemn war - S. Purkayastha
Romanticising Naxalites unacceptable - Gautam Wahi
PM must act on Maoist terror - Ashok K. Mehta
Foil the diabolic Maoist plan to subvert Indian democracy - Dr. BP Saha
State must hit back harder - Editorial, The Tribune
Maoists are finally being smashed - Editorial, The Pioneer

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