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Social Cause Invitation to Seminar on "Communal Violence Bill - Threat to National Integration & Social Harmony?"
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Articles - Jinnah Ghost and BJP
A few extracts from the book - Arun Shourie
The ban and the law - Arun Shourie
Master Strategies - Arun Shourie
Did Jaswant forget to read warning signs? - Ashok Malik
Flawed thesis on partition - A. Surya Prakash
Jinx of a djinn(ah) - Chandan Mitra
Why Jaswant is wrong - Jaithirth Rao
Jinnah is not relevant - Balbir K Punj
BJP's self-inflicted wound - Sudheendra Kulkarni
Party to differences - Pratap Bhanu Mehta
Man who carved India - SK Sinha
Jinnah pursued Pakistan for power - Narendra Singh Sarila
Jinnah, Jaswant and the ban - Soli J. Sorabjee
Jinnah-love causes an honour killing - Editorial, The Tribune
Jaswanth has the right to hold the wrong view - Editorial, The Tribune
Let's agree on Jinnah's role - Editorial Times, Daily Times, Pakistan
'I appreciate what Singh has written about Jinnah' - Nawaz Sharif
Jaswant's uncomfortable questions - Sarah Humayun
What led to partition? - Anita Inder Singh

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Articles - Jinnah Ghost and BJP
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