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Articles - 123 Agreement
Please check your facts, Mr Minister - Brahma Chellaney
The myth being sold about nuclear bijlee - Sudheendra Kulkarni
Truth must be told - Arvind Lavakare
No threat to India's strategic programme - Arundhati Ghose
Solution lies in political domain - Arundhati Ghose
Reassuring text message - K. Kasturirangan
US needs partnership with India - Maj. Gen. (retd) Ashok K. Mehta
Questions for the Left - D N Ghosh
UPA can't ignore N-deal critics - Satish Chandra
There's more to energy than N-power - Arun Kumar Singh
Who killed 2007? - M.J. Akbar
Can the impasse on the nuclear deal be broken? - M.R. Srinivasan
Renegotiating N-deal: It's hazardous politicking - O.P. Sabherwal
Jettison the no-first-use nuclear policy - M.P. Anil Kumar
A U.S.-Indian partnership against nukes - Karl F. Inderfurth & Bruce Riedel
India's interests are safe even minus deal - Brahma Chellaney
No two ways about it - Brahma Chellaney
U.S. desperation is showing - Brahma Chellaney
India's friends want it to be operationalised - G. Parthasarathy
Nuclear deal and non-proliferation issues - G. Parthasarathy
Debating points - G. Parthasarathy
Wages of zombie rule - Swapan Dasgupta
Breach of trust - Swapan Dasgupta
A 'dishonourable' exit, isn't it? - Karan Thapar
Then watchdog, now poodle - Karan Thapar
Nuclear deal or no deal? - Karan Thapar
U.S. Poodle or Chinese Poodle? - B. Raman
Postpone 123 deal by 12 months - Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar
Is the nuclear power option safe for India? - M.R. Srinivasan
Why India should opt for nuclear power - M.R. Srinivasan
"We must intensify efforts to tap non-conventional energy sources" - M.R. Srinivasan
US needs deal more than us - Rajeev Srinivasan
Strategic aspects of the N-deal - Gen. (retd.) V.P. Malik
The Nuclear Riddle - Pran Chopra
A nuclear test and new realities - P.S. Suryanarayana
30 lost years - Harinder Sekhon
Save the Nuclear Deal - Sumit Ganguly
Indo-US nuclear deal: Missing the point - Dipak Basu
Nuclear Winter - M.J. Akbar
The November Surprise - Bharat Karnad
Congress trapped between devil & deep sea - Pranay Sharma
Always the bridesmaid - K. Shankar Bajpai
BJP must step in and save N-deal - C. Uday Bhaskar
Is United States India's friend? - M.V. Kamath
Extended n-debate good for India's health - S. Nihal Singh
N-deal won't bring power to poor - S.P. Shukla
A policy shift India can do without - S.P. Shukla
Government blinks - Editorial, The Times of India
Nuclear Nightmares - Editorial, The Times of India
Complex manoeuvres over the N-deal - Editorial, The Economic Times
Questioning the India deal - Editorial, International Herald Tribune
Nuclear dealings - Mark Brzezinski
A blow to the budding India-U.S. alliance - Gwynne Dyer
Pulse of progress fades on India's nuclear deal - Somini Sengupta
U.S.-India nuclear deal falling apart - Richard Halloran
America's strategic opportunity with India - R. Nicholas Burns
Put nuclear deal on hold - Brahma Chellaney
In a nuclear blind - Brahma Chellaney
Wool pulled over India's eyes - Brahma Chellaney
123 agreement: a response to Brahma Chellaney - Kapil Sibal
Sibal's 123 - Seema Mustafa
123 questions won't go away - a rejoinder - Brahma Chellaney
Questions raised by 123 agreement - Brahma Chellaney
False promise of nuclear power - Brahma Chellaney
N-deal must be debated - Brahma Chellaney
Hype on nuclear power is misleading - Brahma Chellaney
India could get a better bargain if it were patient - Brahma Chellaney
Accountability to Parliament at the heart of Singh's troubles - Brahma Chellaney
Executive cannot act independently of Parliament on nuclear deal - V.R. Krishna Iyer
Indo-US nuclear deal: A dialectical critique - V.R. Krishna Iyer
India doesn't need nuclear power - V.R. Krishna Iyer
Manmohan's 'nuclear renaissance': The truth behind it - Nilotpal Basu
How to sweep Hyde out - Pran Chopra
Objections to 123 Agreement - B.G. Verghese
A lesson in nuclear reactors - M.R. Srinivasan
123, buckle our shoes - Deb Mukharji
The 123 Agreement: An analysis - M.D. Nalapat
The Nuclear Suppliers Group and the Indo-US nuclear deal - Arun Viswanathan
Read 123 fineprint - Swapan Dasgupta
123 deal: A diplomatic triumph for India - Shashi Tharoor
Informal recognition as a nuclear weapons power - Muchkund Dubey
N-powering India - Jyotiraditya Scindia
Crying wolf over the nuclear deal - Gurmeet Kanwal
India got a better deal than China - Gurmeet Kanwal
Indo-US Nuclear Deal and Non-proliferation: Some views from the US - Gurmeet Kanwal
Nuclear energy, not weapons, matters - Jagat S. Mehta
Beyond bullets and bombs - Vikran S. Mehta
Deal Undone - Dr. P.C. Alexander
When communists say let's talk - C. Uday Bhaskar
Countdown to nuclear endgame - V. Sudarshan
But watch out for those trying to fish in troubled waters - Bhaskar Roy
N-deal: exaggerated US fear - K. Subrahmanyam
As difficult as 123 - Vijay K. Sazawal
Coherent Left, Incoherent BJP - Bharat Karnad
Nuclear renaissance - Editorial, The Tribune
No deal, no uranium for even the first stage - Editorial, The New Indian Express
The truth we overlook - Ajey Lele
But can we afford this? - Harinder Sekhon
Off the nuclear mainstream - Takamitsu Sawa
Nuclear deal and Indian concerns - Manpreet Sethi
The nuclear deal: the larger picture - Vikram Sood
US haste on nuclear deal: An unwanted hurry? - M.K. Bhadrakumar
N-deal: Why the UPA can't wait for 6 months - M.K. Bhadrakumar
Energy security: It is all about economics! - Sudha Mahalingam
123 Agreement and internal laws - R. Ramachandran
Nuclear club wants to thwart India's thorium advantage - Dr. S. Kalyanraman
"No reservation over nuclear deal" - Song Min-soon
India and the deal: partner or pawn? - Jean Dreze
N-deal and regional security - Teresita C Schaffer
Just say 'oui' to nuclear power - John Dyson and Matt Bennett
US nuclear deals: Undermining peace - Jimmy Carter
A word dropped, a word inserted and the assurances are fulfilled! - Arun Shourie
Forward-looking farce - Arun Shourie
'Strategic partnership' without a strategy - Arun Shourie
1 2 3 ... Get set, go! - Kapil Sibal
Deal delivers more than PM's promise - Kapil Sibal
Read 123 fine print and rest easy - V.P. Malik
Deal will end our isolation - G. Parthasarathy
123 Agreement: We cannot trust the US - M.V. Kamath
Pranab says we can test, experts say that's wrong - Seema Mustafa
123 agreement is gilded cage - Dr. P.K. Iyengar
And if India conducts a test? - Rabinder Sachdev
Chinese whispers: Who is CPI(M) batting for? - Editorial, The Pioneer
'China's interest is our interest' - B. Raman
Dragon tears, not national interest - Ram Madhav
The mysteries behind the CPI(M)'s extreme reaction - Swapan Dasgupta
Don't hound men of honour - Swapan Dasgupta
Right on, Ronen - Arundhati Ghose
Our headless chickens, not KFC's - Susenjit Guha
What is the Left's 'hidden agenda'? - Rajiv Desai
The plight of Indian comrades - Amulya Ganguli
Why the Left is right on the N-deal - Sudheendra Kulkarni
Tripping up on energy - Sitaram Yechury
'Open debate on the N-deal won't hurt India' - M.K. Bhadrakumar
Breaking the technology shackles - Bodhisatva Ganguli
Nuclear deal does not prevent testing - I.S. Chadha
Nuclear deal demystified - I.S. Chadha
America had a game plan, India didn't - Ramakrishna Upadhya
The curious silence on Hyde - Pran Chopra
N-deal enters choppy waters: the implications - C. Uday Bhaskar
The China syndrome - C. Uday Bhaskar
India's nuclear autonomy remains intact - O.P. Sahberwal
PM calls the Left's bluff - B.G. Verghese
Dr Heckle & Mr Hyde - N.G. Noorani
Critics have no alternative plan to offer - K. Subrahmanyam
Manmohan Singh's initiative could end Indian hypocrisy - Sunanda K. Datta-Ray
'India First' Alternative to Nuclear Fuel - Bharat Karnad
Coal is alternative to N-power - Bharat Jhunjhunwala
Don't let the India-US nuclear deal fail - Editorial, The Times of India
Nuclear pact with US will win India global friends - Editorial, The Times of India
Who is afraid of 123? - Kanchan Gupta
Mr. Advani, go for amendment - Kanchan Gupta
Deal dilutes autonomy - Sandhya Jain
The BJP could save the day - TVR Shenoy
BJP's somersault on the nuclear deal - Editorial, The Tribune
Let BJP rediscover soul of sensible politics - Editorial, The New Indian Express
Advani's course correction - Editorial, Free Press Journal
Debate on deal: not rocket science - A.N. Mitra
Will a scorched or delayed nuclear deal affect India's position as a global power? - Ashish Kumar Sen
123-much ado about little - TSR Subramanian
The highest feat of diplomacy - M. Veerappa Moily
Relax, Mr. Karat: 123 is a non-starter - Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar
Leave the nuclear deal to the Little Man - T.P. Sreenivasan
Heavens won't fall if N-deal dies - S. Nihal Singh
Domestic pressure and international diplomacy - Harish Khare
Chicken Soup - M.J. Akbar
Put the nuclear deal on hold - Editorial, The Hindu
The nuclear deal: key issues and political circumstances - N. Ram
When realism dawns - Editorial, The Hindu
Leave the Left out of foreign policy - Balbir K. Punj
India and a tale of two US allies - P.S. Suryanarayana
International treaties: Parliament ratification a must - Prakash Nanda
Nuclear energy: Waste not, want not - John Sauven
Restored faith in nuclear power - Editorial, Chicago Tribune
Advantage India - Sharon Squassoni
The top rule-maker bends the rules - Sharon Squassoni
The perils of non-proliferation amnesia - William C. Potter and Jayantha Dhanapala
Pakistani viewpoint: Implications of N-deal - Nijmuddin A. Shaikh
Full text of the 123 Agreement -
A guide to the provisions of 123 Agreement - Siddharth Varadarajan
123: text and context - Brahma Chellaney
Pact unequal, US can scrap it at will - Brahma Chellaney
Assured fuel supply is a mirage - Dr.A.Gopalakrishnan
Left is right to reject 123 - Dr.A.Gopalakrishnan
Kakodkar, Chidambaram are misrepresenting facts - Dr.A.Gopalakrishnan
N-deal relies on God, not common sense - Bharat Karnad
Win-win or win-lose? - A.N. Prasad
National interest at stake - A.N. Prasad
US hypocrisy fuels the Deal - A.N. Prasad
Nuclear dea: India has no leverage - A.N. Prasad
A good deal walks on two legs - M.J. Akbar
The First Blink - Seema Mustafa
Disturbing implications of 123 agreement - Rajiv Sikri
123 rolls back N-arms programme - Satish Chandra
America's Dhritarashtra's embrace? - T.P.Sreenivasan
Duped into building castles - A.P. Venkateswaran
123 agreement to curb India's power - Dina Nath Mishra
Two cheers to 123 Agreement - C. Uday Bhaskar
123 Agreement: Areas of concern - C. Uday Bhaskar
Rethink before we go forward - Anonymous writer (in the Hindu)
Nuclear steal: It's the Constitution stupid - Arvind Lavakare
The nuclear agreement and Parliament - B.P. Jeevan Reddy
Preliminary comments of the BJP - Yashwant Sinha & Arun Shourie
'Nuclear programme will hit our strategic programme' - Brajesh Mishra
"For nuclear renaissance, the world needs India" - R. Chidambaram
"It is a practical solution that meets all our requirements" - Anil Kakodkar
India gains, US doesn't lose - C. Raja Mohan
Trust the treaty - S.K. Singh
More fizzle than bang - V. Sudarshan
Some give and take by both sides - Ashish Kumar Sen
N-deal reflects new world reality - K. Subrahmanyam
Enriched by the deal - Abhishek Singhvi
US has offered India a great deal - Ram Jethmalani
A staggering 123 deal - Bodhisatva Ganguli
Green and nuclear - Jaideep Mishra
Clean energy is a mirage - Pandurang Hegde
Nuclear agreement opens door for deeper strategic cooperation - Nayan Chanda
Two strange bad fellows on 123 - L.M. Singhvi
Left-Right, Left-Right - Editorial, The Times of India
123 Agreement allays sceptics' fears - Editorial, The Tribune
Deal of triumph - Editorial, The Telegraph
India's neighbours aren't thrilled - Editorial, The New Indian Express
Energy sector to get boost - Editorial, The Tribune
A sound and honourable 123 - Editorial, The Hindu
Protecting India's interests - Editorial, The Hindu
Govt. must now address issues - Editorial, The Pioneer
The rise of China is no reason to trample on the non-proliferation regime - The Economist
China & 123 Agreement: An update - B. Raman
Not lecturing the US on Pakistan has been good for India - K.P. Nayar
Statement in the Lok Sabha on Civil Nuclear Energy Cooperation with US - Dr. Manmohan Singh
What PM said; What facts say - Deccan Chronicle
Briefing on the status of 123 Agreement - R. Nicholas Burns

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